Sunday, September 18, 2011


It is this time of the year again! Octoberfest is here!!

Today was the first day and the parade of the owners of the breweries reached the Theresienwiesen, place of the Octoberfest. Tomorrow, the mayor will open the first barrel of beer and offer the first glass to the prime minister of Bavaria.

In the picture you see just a glance from the parade, the beer carried from the Hofbräu München maybe the most famous bavarian brewery. I have no idea if the barrels are empty or not :)

Fun facts about the Octoberfest,
- it started 200 years ago as a celebration of King Ludwig's wedding
- people like to wear their traditional clothes (dirndl for the women, lederhose for the men)
- Munich hosts 6 million visitors in a period of 3 weeks
- 6 million liters of beer are being consumed and 3 million chickens (it is typical to eat half a chicken)
- there are tourists everywhere!!!

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