about us and the blog

Kostas and Sotiria are physicists. One of them looks deep into the Universe, observing the fireworks in distant active galaxies.  The other one looks into the matter deeply enough to feel the dance of fluctuating molecules.  One of them lives in Munich, the other one in Athens. So they often hold air tickets with the IATA codes ATH-MUC on them.

Both like to carry their cameras and capture glimpses of reality. The ones they like are presented in this blog. Of course along with any thoughts and feelings that arise while shooting or viewing them.

Your thoughts or feelings on our photos will be deeply appreciated, especially if shared in the comments section.


2013 update: We no longer live in Munich or Athens, but for historical reasons we are going to maintain the name of the blog and keep taking pictures from our journey around the Globe.
See you soon, maybe?  


  1. Hello guys, I love your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award! Deni


  2. Hello Kostas and Sotiria! I loved that "jingle eggs.." post. We will celebrate a sunny Orthodox Easter, so don't worry! Labriatis and tsourekia will be here for you, surrounded by spring wild flowers. That's the right Easter picture.
    See you soon
    Kisses from Andros

  3. Hi Dina!

    It was a great, really pleasant surprise to receive your message!

    Unfortunately we are not coming for our magnificent orthodox Easter... Conferences ahead... But for sure we are coming for the equally magnificent Greek summer!

    Kisses from Krakow

  4. PS and, by the way, please visit again to see the correctly oriented, not digitally destroyed "jingle eggs". Definitely SE X8 is not for live blogging. :-)