Monday, September 16, 2013

LA pier

With a lot of gratitude to the wonderful people in my life, I continue to travel around the globe.
Here, I present to you the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles.

As I learned, Los Angeles is a city of 18 million people! Almost twice the population of Greece!

Fun fact about Los Angeles, even though they do have a metro, they also call "metro local" the bus service. When I expressed my sincere "WHY???" to a local he seemed a bit puzzled. It was not strange for him at all :)

L.A. is a mosaic of cultures and people with beautiful weather. I will definitely go back one day!

Time (to) travel

Quiz: where was I today around noon?

Cheers to my co-travellers of the World! Thank you for the refreshing weekend. Yes, it was raining all day long on Saturday, but no pun intended... :)

Gilles and Kostas, you were deeply missed and by no means forgotten. By public demand, you are hereby forced to attend the next meeting.

Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!!!

Lots of love,