Monday, May 30, 2011

Now forum

When the parliament is corrupted, then, direct democracy is essentially coming in the foreground.

Read our short log from these days here.

Now gallows - and an alternative

Some people tonight brought gallows in Syntagma sq. Guess for whom.

In the open forum later, a speaker stated that we shouldn't express ourselves like that because it denotes violence, and a principle of this outcry is non-violence. I guess bringing the gallows is just a symbolism.

I remembered, a story we were told some years ago in Heidelberg castle. Back in the, more democratic than today, medieval era, WCs were placed on the walls of the castles, like balconies. The "products" were dropped in the terrace below the WC-balcony. So, when the public was not very fond of the local ruler, the punishment was to drop him in the afforementioned terrace. It's definitely not violent, as no pain is induced, but if I were a ruler I would be very very careful...

I think we should consider this as an alternative to gallows...

Now women against the debt

We owe nothing, we pay nothing

Now Pagalos

Meet the vice chairman of the greek cabinet. His face decorates this beautiful banner. This guy, some months ago stated: "We altogether (i.e. all greeks) "ate" the money". No we didn't. The politicians and their friends got the money and the people pay for that. This is stated in the banner, in a funny expression, which I can't translate efficiently. Any good translation welcome!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now people pissed off

Spotted on a statue on Syntagma sq.

The sun is the logo of the "Socialist" political party that is in power (so much power that feels almost like a dictatorship) right now in the country.

Now parliament

I am wondering, when the time comes for them to go (to hell preferably), where will the helicopter land?

Now still awake

Dreams are keeping us awake.

Now people still arriving

Syntagma metro station.

The time is 22:00 and people continue to arrive in this unique demonstration. The exact number of people is unknown, it is estimated to be more than 50.000.

Now European Revolution: Athens

Image: screengrab from online streaming. We do not own the rights.

29 May 2011
The call for the greatest gathering was heard. People are gathered in front of the parliament in great numbers, greater than any other day. I wish I was there. Slogans and banners in many european languages, as well as flags from Spain and Portugal.

People all over europe are gathering in central squares demanding real democracy. It is difficult to get any news, as major newspapers do not cover the subject. I guess it is of no interest if it is peaceful.

Live streams:

Leave a comment if you have more links!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Sometimes, when a critical point is reached ignition starts. And you cannot stop it no matter how hard you try. You just have to let the fire burn everything and only then you can start over. Remember the old Phoenix story?

(check out day 3 in our view of the greek revolution)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now pillow

We woke up! What's up?
Courtesy D.

Now under the rain

Despite the rain, people still remain in front of the parliament, sharing umbrellas.

Now more peoples to wake!

Do you see the italian flag in the middle of the picture?
It says something like:
"Zitti che svegliamo gli italiani"

like the call the greeks got from the spanish ;)

Time for the south to rise!

Follow up by Kostas: If you can't see the Italian flag, there is a much bigger French one... saying more or less the same in French! Sorry! I couldn't approach more!

Now day 2

They are not idiots, they are traitors.
Day 2 is rainy, but people are here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now greek parliament (2)

Sotiria please follow with the meaning of this gesture! (Photo courtesy D.)

Follow up by Kostas. Came home before Sotiria noticed, so...

This gesture, is known as Mootza (Μούτζα) and is an expression of insult.

A lot of Mootzas were shown to the greek parliament and its "residents" for obvious reasons.

People called the politicians "Thieves" and "Traitors". Is Greece changing?

Now greek parliament

People expressed their indignation.
(Photo courtesy I.)

Now Syntagma sq.

The party continues...

Now peaceful awakening.

Sound from Spain reached Athens.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Thumbs Up for Costas defending successfully his PhD Thesis today!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's about time

tik tik tik tik

Close to the end

The frustration just before the big finale.
The confusion. The anxiety.
Stay on your path end you will reach your destination.

If you get tired remember that in your backpack your are carrying all the love and the support of your family, your friends, and mine. Along with our best wishes for your name-day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Perfect wave

If you speak to a surfer, it's all about catching that perfect wave. Unless they are in Munich. Instead of worrying about catching a wave, and in fact worrying about finding a wave at all, they created an almost standing wave in the English garden. They look like they are enjoying it, and watching them is also quite a sight! Don't miss them if you are passing by!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have heard a proverb. I don't really live by it, but there are certain situations, when it comes to my mind and stays there for some time. "Harbours are made for ships, but ships are not made for harbours"

From the Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary:
sail (n): a sheet of canvas or other material against which the wind blows and drives a ship or boat through the water.
sail (v): to travel on water in a ship or boat using sails or engine power.

This sailship was spotted in 2002 when I and a good friend travelled to Mytilene, and we sailed on an engine propelled passenger carrier.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Turtle soup

Turtles, turtles, turtles!

Spotted in the Attic Park, in Attica of course! Many millions of years ago... but I guess the turtles will be still alive ;)


Classic example of Cycladic architecture.

Wait... what? We are in Athens? Just under the Acropolis?

According to my sources, when Otto came in Athens to become King of Greece, he asked the best marble (or was it stone?) technician from the islands to come and work for him. This person was originally from Anafi. Otto wanted him to stay in Athens and asked him to pick a place in the city to make his home and bring his family and friends. Looking out of the palace's window he picked a spot just under the Acropolis. The newcomers, made their homes using the same style as they had on the island. This beautiful architecture hasn't been corrupted for almost 150 years now. It is an oasis in the modern Athens, full of cement.

Tomorrow, I will show you the view they enjoy from that spot!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Riverius Magnificus

Well I realized I haven't posted the picture I am the most proud of! So, there you go, I give you a river in the Alps! It is a stack of 8 frames.

The young photographer (me) was so excited when she took the pictures and made the stack (on Linux). Like a true astronomer! Many of you have seen it on facebook already, but there are some new friends among the viewers :)

Until next time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Almost there

Greek idiom of the day: "Φάγαμε τον γάιδαρο και μας έμεινε η ουρά" (We ate the donkey and only the tail is left!)

Used in cases (like these days), when you try to finish something that you do not enjoy at all. As comforting words you often hear the aforementioned idiom. It means, that the hard part is done, You shouldn't give up, You are almost there! :)

Donkey spotted at the Stuttgarter zoo (2005?,2006? 2007!).

Like Magic

It is almost like magic that these tiny and delicate flowers will transform in only a few months into juicy pears.

For serving: Chill under cold running water (preferably from a spring) and consume under direct sunlight.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sea urchins

Αχινοί, sea urchins, Seeigel, echinoidea, échinidés. Lots of them!
According to a National Geographic documentary, they are among the first moving animals ever created on Earth. As strange as it may sound, once I had a nightmare involving one of these animals...

Their presence in the sea, means that the ecosystem is thriving! So, it's a safe place to swim but take care not to step on one of these little guys (been there, done that :o) ). Some people like also to eat them but I find very cruel the way they have to be killed.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Historic places

It has been a while, but here we are again.

This is a view to the Aegean from the picturesque St. George chapel near Zaganiari.

In the background you can see the uninhabited Gyaros island (or Giura). People who struggled for freedom from the Nazi occupation, after liberation were exiled there as political prisoners in the years 1945-49. The same fate was met be people who somehow thought that the military regime of 1967-1973 was not a perfect government. The prison buildings were built by the prisoners themselves .Some photos of the place may be found here. Today, virtually nobody visits the island and the structures are left to collapse slowly. I think it is kind of shame.

On the left you can see the Zagora plateau, where the geometric settlement, with the same name, flourished in prehistoric times. The site is unmarked and not visited.
A couple of kilometers on your right, not visible in this photo, was the place where the neolithic settlement of Strofilas flourished. Nowadays a rubish dump is placed next to it, despite a couple of supreme court verdicts. And even after the collapse of the dump this February, the rubish is thrown through it, straight into the sea.

Anyway I am still fascinated by the cyan - blue - green landscape.

Cookie: An expression of Andros locals to describe someone with great eysight is "Βλέπει τον κόχυλα στα Γιούρα" (He can see a Triton's trumpet on Gyaros).