Monday, May 30, 2011

Now gallows - and an alternative

Some people tonight brought gallows in Syntagma sq. Guess for whom.

In the open forum later, a speaker stated that we shouldn't express ourselves like that because it denotes violence, and a principle of this outcry is non-violence. I guess bringing the gallows is just a symbolism.

I remembered, a story we were told some years ago in Heidelberg castle. Back in the, more democratic than today, medieval era, WCs were placed on the walls of the castles, like balconies. The "products" were dropped in the terrace below the WC-balcony. So, when the public was not very fond of the local ruler, the punishment was to drop him in the afforementioned terrace. It's definitely not violent, as no pain is induced, but if I were a ruler I would be very very careful...

I think we should consider this as an alternative to gallows...


  1. Guillotines might be even better than gallows. Per our conversation.

  2. how do you like the alternative though? :)