Monday, August 29, 2011

Της γριάς το πήδημα, Old lady's jump

A few, or not so few, days ago I had promised to tell a bit more about the Gria (old lady) and the castle .

So, the Gria's castle, formally Ano Kastro (Upper castle) was built during the Venetian era of the island. Not much is known about its history, as archaeologists are somehow more fascinated by the ancient Greek history than the medieval one. However some excavations were held recently (2009). What remains today is a small but very important, for the residents of the nearby Kochylou village and the whole island, chapel of Phaneromeni (Our lady "the uncovered" / better translation welcome!). The chapel is celebrated twice a year on the day of the Assumption and the first Tuesday after Easter.

But how is all that related to the scenery in today's photo? And who is the "Gria"?

One of the many legends has it, that the Gria pretended to ask a refuge in the castle during its siege by Pirates (or Turks), but in fact she betrayed it and when the defenders opened the door, the siegers had the chance to enter and occupy it. After that, the Gria felt guilty and committed suicide by jumping in the sea in a nearby small bay.  Her body became the large rock that you can see in today's photo. The bay is now known as "Tis grias to pidima" (Της γριάς το πήδημα, The old lady's jump) and is probably the most famous beach of Korthi area. Partly because of its funny name, partly because it is one of the most beautiful beaches with this rare geological phenomenon.

Other legends about the name of the bay:
2) The Gria had a daughter who was kidnapped by the pirates and she committed suicide out of sadness
3) The Gria was in love with a sailor who didn't return, and she lost all hope.

(If you know any other legends please write it in the comments!)

PG13 alert --- implied sexuality ----

In greek the word "pidima" except for the original meaning of jump is also used as an euphemism for the sexual act. Which obviously makes the name of the bay far more funny. It makes me think that the sailor from legend no 3, finally returned.

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