Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now grias kastro

The Virgin's chapel close to the medieval castle overlooking Joyfully Kochylou(*) village. Tonight we observe the vespers for tomorrow's celebration. More on the kastro (castle) and the gria (old lady) to follow.

edit: More on the castro and the gria, and also her beach may be found in this post.

(*) btw SE xperia X8 has a great auto correct feature, I think I should get used to it. Until then, "Kochylou" will be automatically corrected to "Joyfully". This alternative is rather appropriate, but it was not in my mind when I wrote the post.
One more thing about X8. Its camera has no autofocus, not even manual focus... which is bad.

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  1. LOL and I was wondering what was this Joyfully village!