Monday, October 3, 2011

RAW fun

I have always been a fun of digital post processing of photographs. After some googling I came across the program Darktable which processes RAW images and it is available for all platforms!

It is soooo cool! Take a look at the example here. On the left is the RAW image after some fiddling. On the right is the jpeg directly out of the camera. Of course it takes a lot of effort to process all of the pictures you take every time but I think it is worth it. You can save a picture that had a nice theme, but the settings went bad.

This picture is from the last weekend of this years' Octoberfest.

p.s. I have continuous numbering on the images on my camera, and about a month ago I reached 9999 pictures and the numbering started over. That is about ~650 pictures per month since I got the camera!


  1. Greetings from debt drowning Greece :)

    I don't have the best screen (a rather low contrast 1024*600 netbook one) but still I should be seeing some difference, shouldn't I?

    I don't. Could it be because the lossless RAW format naturally becomes lossy again when you downgrade it to JPEG? Shouldn't it be better to export in either in PNG or the newest DNG format, both lossless formats?

    I know images can become huge but for some special ones the extra MB might be worth it. And since I don't have any plans to stich together gigapixel images to coat a building with them I much prefer clarity and good color saturations than large resolution/sizes :)

    Although I have a fully capable RAW shooting camera (Sony R1), I haven't really wet my feet yet with RAW imagery. So what I am wondering about could be silly :)

  2. Hey Κοριέ,

    I am on my laptop and still can see the differences, but I admit they are very small. The one I named as RAW has been exported to jpg as you pointed out, and furthermore, blogger compresses the images I upload if they are very large.

    If you take a picture in great atmospheric and light conditions, then of course any format will be enough. What happens though when you have humid atmosphere or not the bright greek sun to light you subject? I have found that in Germany most of my pictures suffer from bad light and I always have to "correct" them. If you are into this processing, then RAW offers a greater range of options to change.

    To see the differences, click on the image above and zoom in. What I notice is that the colors are brighter on the "RAW" image. For example look at the pink/red arm and the sky which are washed out on the jpeg.