Friday, July 15, 2011

Behind Eros and Psyche

Have you ever wondered how some of the famous sculptures look from behind? I did. And here I share with you the rear view of "Eros and Psyche" which is on display in the Louvre.

The Louvre is a great (in terms of both size and quality) museum in the centre of Paris. In order to get in you have to wait in a looooong queue or use a more convenient workaround (knock the door and we will answer). It is essentially an attempt to gather every single piece of art created in the world up to the mid 19th century and put it in one museum. Most of the items on display are taken from palaces after the abolishment of monarchy, and "souvenirs" brought by Napoleon and other French officials during their trips. Good thing, the short guy didn't invade China, because Louvre is not big enough for the Chinese wall.

We confirm rumours that Mona Lisa is NOT a reason to visit Louvre, especially mid-July! It is a small painting which you will have to see from a distance due to the crowd of tourists who are there to see Mona Lisa. I guess because they have seen her everywhere and wish to confirm the good reproduction. Da Vinci was a very productive artist and Louvre has many better works of his. May we suggest the Madonna of the Rocks?

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