Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cat international

I really can't remember where I caught this cat. Anyway, if it had been in Greece it would say "Νιάου" (Neeaw), if in England or USA, I guess "meaow".

Sooooo... challenge of the day: Please leave us a comment with the sound the cats produce in your language. If possible write it in your native alphabet and provide also a rough pronounciation in Latin.

News of the blog:
1.You may have already noticed that on the bottom of the page some "subscribe" options have appeared. Except the old "friend connect" by google, there is also an "Atom" feed, along with some other feeds for yahoo, google and others which I had never heard of before. Also, you can give us, or actually feedburner, your e-mail and we will keep you informed about our newest photos.
2. Below our posts, you now can find links to three other posts that "you might also like".
3. Probably all of our visitors know us personally, but anyway, we have added a small text about us and the blog. Find it on the side column.

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