Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/3 of a trilogy

Once upon a time, a Bavarian prince became King of Greece, and moved the capital to the decadent village of Athens. Two Danish brothers and architects, Hans-Christian and Theophilus Hansen came and built among others the Athenian Neoclassical Trilogy. In the photo we can see the National Library (left, work of Theophilus) and the main building of the National Kapodestrian University of Athens (right, work of Hans Christian). A bit on the right lies the National Academy to be seen in one of the next posts.

Built at times when money was a serius issue due to the try for the birth of a state, but aesthetics was an issue, too. Since then, greek state has seen better days but few, in my opinion, equally beautiful buildings.

It's a pitty that the building of the University now houses only the administration. I would like to see it used for actual lessons, like it was meant to. Now the students enter it only once for the ceremony of gratuation oath.

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